Without Spending Huge Amounts Of Money On Custom Software Solutions

Dear Business Builder,

If you would like to know a FAST, simple and guaranteed way to truly explode the size of your business through integration and automation of your business software…

Without spending a boatload of money and time on building custom software for your business…

Then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read

Here’s why:

Did you know that now more than ever Software-as-a-service(SAAS) has grown to offer almost any software imaginable, actually growing by more than 21% annually.

So what does this mean to you?

Have you signed up to these services and being promised "it will do everything”...

But finding you need two or more unique software packages to run your business...

Do you find yourself copy/paste information on a daily basis between these systems to keep your data up to date, across these multitude of systems?

I’m talking about NO-BS, battle-tested strategies from frontline development that turns amazing ideas into reality!

So if your business is growing its going to get a lot worse...if you are not growing maybe that’s the reason why?


But its not all doom and gloom…

Because this page holds the key to exactly what to do in 2021…

You keep convincing yourself...But I have been doing the same thing as I did in 1995 it worked then.

You are scratching my head, worrying about labour bills to cope with all the monkey work, copy paste copy paste … arrhhhh!!

So you lock the doors, turn your phone off..

And read every single word on the page.

Got it? Good…

Alright..all the gurus online told me I need to go digital but it seems more of a nightmare than before when we used excel or some 1995 desktop package.

My competitors seem to have a life and are growing, so competition is a good thing..

Damn it..what the hell are they doing right?

It thins the herd

Because most businesses just get wizz bang systems don’t worry about automation or integration thus throwing ‘dumb money’ to run their business

Meaning they throw mud on the wall and see what sticks.

And as their business grows, less mud sticks for them

So they either give up on these systems or search for new ones.

Sales people promise them the earth, but in reality you are left holding a can in the cold.

On their never ending quest for the “holy grail system for their business”.

That elusive “swiss army knife” software

Like we’re in the dark ages of computing.

Rookies. Total amateurs.

You see, we’ve working with clients in many different industries and niches…

And helped them generate millions of dollars of revenue.

This kind of experience teaches you a lot.

Firstly, unless you built it from scratch, that “one-fits all” system isn’t the answer.

You can’t ‘hope’ and ‘pray’ that things will get easier with this system, you simply need to understand that you need to find the key systems and then integrate them together.

And after working in so many different markets.

With so many different businesses…and generating so much revenue for our clients.

We developed a new and unique “integration and automation” system for easily linking your favourite systems together, be it online or server based, to help you generate revenues like some of the most advanced businesses on the planet.

So not matter how difficult the integration is...No matter how much data you need to transfer between these systems

We can help you generate profit from these systems.

Listen, this integration and automation system is unlike anything you have seen or heard about before…

And we have suited it to..

Take a Allied Health provider from manually edited word documents, doing everything manually to a fully automated integrated system. The end result, growing their business 4 times in 12 months.

Transformed a multinational with 100s of employees, bringing in all their daily reporting data into a single easy to use dashboard through advanced data scraping techniques developed at Corptek. Giving senior management deep insights into their business saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Expanding a hospital bed supplier’s unique monitoring system being able to be offered nationally by helping integrate their system into other nursing monitoring systems. This system has changed peoples lives by making response times 5 x faster, increasing the quality of life in nursing and hospital situations.

And so on. Look, we could easily fill this entire page with success stores like this…because our “integration and automation system” has been used in many different niches.

We have worked with small businesses, all the way up to multi-million dollar brands to apply this “integration and automation system”

In other words, our “integration and automation system” for reducing time, increasing profit is…

The hottest and highest performance automation vehicle we’ve ever seem for supercharging your business

Look, If you are looking for a real…the genuine…The no-BS way to truly explode your business beyond belief

You’ve just stumbled on the most valuable and rewarding information on the internet.

But if you’re like most business owners, you’ve likely tried almost every other conceivable way to grow your business.

Even if you have tried a custom software solution and failed(we build those as well but in some cases moving to this is impossible or you’re 80-90% there with your current off the shelf solution)

As we recognise, moving systems with years of data can be hard to do.

Some of it’s worked, most of it hasn’t.

And at this point, you’ve probably been lied to, cheated by, stolen from, extorted and downright…

Ripped off by filthy digital product agencies!

Who sold you the world and delivered a plastic map of the world in a round postpack(yeah you paid for shipping too).

I know you know the type, these geeks couldn’t work out how to open a can of coke without watching a 20 minute YouTube video.

(Grr! Makes my blood boil just thinking about it)

Most so called digital product agencies are like shady used car lots.

So rather than spend our time and resources trying to convince you we’re different...

For a limited time we have decided to risk our own money to SHOW YOU we are different.

*Take deep breath, more on that in a moment.

For now let’s talk about you...

Profitably Dominate your niche with blinding speed

Ok, so let me ask you a question?

What’s stopping you from doubling or even tripling your business today?


You want to grow your business right?

You want to be able to focus on making your current customers and having time to get new ones right?

Then why don’t you “integrate and automate” whatever you can in your business and expand like crazy?

My guess is that you’re here because you know there is a better way

More specifically you’re...

Having all this stuff sorted would shoot your business into orbit!

All this is causing your bank account screaming for mercy, month after month.

So let’s be honest...

A lack of technology isn’t the thing holding you back from hitting your goals.

You know, those things you write down at the start of the year?

The things that allow you to...

Take care of your family.

Retire your spouse.

Enjoy your life.

Answer to nobody.

Pay off debt.


Don’t think it’s possible?

(Arrhh.. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your inner voice trying to sabotage you again!)

Look, I know you’re sceptical.

I don’t blame you..and I don’t expect you to believe me.

So here is what will get the business multiplying...

Subheading: Proof!

According to estimates from Accenture, financial services companies in North America alone stand to gain $140 billion in productivity yields and cost savings by 2025 by adopting automation technologies.

It’s stories like these that (almost) get us excited about the future.

Let’s talk about how this is possible.

Well, it doesn’t need achieved by selling your organs on the black market for this work to unscrupulous agencies.

Nope. It starts by asking...

The REAL question, of “how do I create the integration and automation system that will profitably process any workload I throw at it”...

But that’s a loaded question, and a very hard one to answer.

We have the time to listen, all you need to do is pull the trigger and...


What is Integration and Automation?

Put simply, Integration and Automation is the process where we use existing API(or develop APIs from your current systems) and push/pull data from systems that are either SAAS(Software as a service) where you pay a fee to access a software package online, or a server based application you are using. We can then connect multiple different software to each other making automation a reality!

This saves you and your team hours of time per day, reduces manual entry errors and speeds up customer delivery.

If you need something that is custom, then I would suggest to have a look at our Product Development.

My software doesn’t offer APIs?

No problem we can use what is called scraping.  A robot is created that will crawl your application and push/pull data. Although this is a little more tricky than working with API. Our experts have years of experience and we have successfully done this on enterprise systems.

The advantages of automation, is it potentially saves thousands of man hours a year and processes almost humanly impossible data sets into applications for processing.

What are some integration/automation examples we can expect?

Let’s look at a CRM like Hubspot and an accounting package like Xero. These are often used together used by millions of businesses across the world. imagine your organisation wants to synchronise contact information between these two packages. The solution is Corptek, can create some middleware that creates a new contact on both systems automatically and make sure all data is synchronised. If for example we update these details on either system, the information gets replicated to both.  

What this means to you, is a massive time saving and totally accuracy of data throughout your whole organisation.

What does integration/automation typically cost?

Integration between systems generally costs anywhere from $3000+, but like all digital product development services, the rate can really depend on a number of different factors. These factors include how well written and reliable the APIs from your software vendors are, how many endpoints we need to integrate and if how complex the logic might be to convert data from one system to another. Our pricing includes full testing and handover of a complete exceptional product.

What is middleware and which one do we recommend?

Middleware is essentially the glue between two or more systems we are looking to integrate. This is developed on a case by case basis, we have a standard set of tools we use(so you don’t need to worry about the boring technical bits..unless you really want to).  

In some cases this might be our standard pay by the month offering, or custom built middleware for the larger more tricky tasks.

In any case, during our analysis period we give you the options and you can decide, as each solution has its pros and cons.  

Integration Experience
Your Software Integration Not On This List, please ask us.

The Corptek team are very professional and experienced. Their skills are very advanced which helped complete the project super fast. I will definitely be using them again for all my app, website and database needs.

Daniel N. - Director, CardioScope

“Corptek produced a simple solution that automated a time consuming task for us in just a few days. I would highly recommend their services as they provide great communication and understand the technical and business needs of their clients”

Duncan - Director, Energy ROI.

Corptek are highly recommeded. Will be our go-to people for apps from now on. We were pressed for time on one of our projects and Corptek had exactly the right technology stack to deliver our app in record time.

Dana M - Founder, Highway 101.

You can’t go wrong with Corptek
“Corptek have the technical and business expertise that took our concept and converted it to a crucial product for use throughout our organisation. They always make an extra effort to ensure our requirements are met to the highest standards. They also suggest improvements beyond the scope of the task and provide us with ongoing support even after the development process”.

Nick F.- Director, NJF

“Corptek did a great job with my software/hardware integration requirement and went above and beyond to make sure that everything was working and tested. I look forward to working with them again.”

Daniel Y. - Director, Patient Support Systems

“Corptek was chosen to complete a complex task where outside the box thinking was required, we are glad we selected to partner with Corptek and they have gone above and beyond. Very happy to recommend them for your projects.”

Tom - Director, Visual 1.

City Circle has built its reputation as a leader in Australia in the demolition, remediation, excavation and recycling fields over the past three decades. Since 1981, City Circle has established itself as a leading provider in its principal business activities.

Vendetta Wheels is an Australian company with more than 50 years of experience in the automotive tyre and wheel industry. They manufacture tyres based on exacting and demanding standards to make sure that they provide the best tyres for their clients.

Vantrans Container Transport provides transporter services, logistics for transporters, utility, plus other transporting products and services located in Footscray, Victoria.

Energy ROI
Patient Suport
City Circle
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