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IoT Solutions for Healthcare

Corptek can provide IT consulting and software development services for hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and other healthcare organizations. IoMT is the opportunity for your Medical organisation to provide it with IoT, big data analytics, cloud computing, and mobile app development capabilities. Our aim is to assist healthcare providers to greatly enhance healthcare services with reliable, scalable and secure solutions tailored to their specific needs.

IoMT for Technology-enabled Care

We deliver solutions to make your healthcare environment more secure and convenient for patients and healthcare professionals, driving further efficiency in your organisation.

Hospital asset tracking with MIoT and RFID Technologies

We can assist your healthcare organization to continuously monitor how their assets are utilised and moved through the hospital or clinic and gather and manage data gathering asset utilization information. IoT-enabled asset tracking solutions assist to automate asset management, greatly improve visibility into the assets’ location and availability, as well as identify and reduce internal hospital process bottlenecks. Smart asset tracking, in your healthcare organization can prevent loss and theft of mobile assets and find maximise utilisation to improve ROI for expensive assets.

IoT patient and staff tracking

We can help you develop smart tracking systems based on RFID and IoT. This can not only help you see every patient’s and employee’s current location but also get meaningful insights for statistical data. An example for this use case, can be to help your organisation assess and ascertain patient flow and improve overall patient and staff safety.

IoT for medical devices

Enhance the traditional functionality of medical devices with IoT-based advantages to improve patients’ monitoring and overall treatment for chronic disease management. We can develop IoT healthcare devices equipped with all sorts of sensors help monitor and assess patients’ vital signs in real time, for example: pulse, blood pressure, glucose. When dangerous conditions are observed, the device can send an alert to a nurse and a doctor. Also, connected health assists healthcare providers a very comprehensive picture of every patient’s state and thus enables better care decisions.

More IoT-based components of a smart hospital

Are you ready to make your healthcare organization smart from all angles: do you have smart lighting, climate control, and so on. Also, we welcome ideas about how to improve your hospital or clinic with IoT or if your healthcare organization struggles with any specific challenges, which can be addressed with using IoT, we are ready and waiting to study your issue and help you deliver an integrated IOT solution to address your business concerns.

How we can work with you:

We offer different ways of working with your organisation depending on the maturity of your IoMT goal and the outcomes you expect.

IoMT strategy planning

We help you outline the abilities of your future IoMT solution and advise on integrating it into your current healthcare services you provide and align it with your IT and business strategies.

IoMT solution planning

We assist you design an IoMT solution suited to your specific business needs and focus on improving your patients’ experience and overall staff performance. We give consulting support to facilitate an IoT platform with all the components it requires – web and mobile applications for patients, nurses, doctors & admin staff, big data warehouses and data analytics for gathered crucial medical data, machine learning, and so on. As for IoT, we help you make it flexible, scalable & efficient which allows launching a simple project at the beginning and eventually expand an IoMT solution with any new features that can be added as needed.

IoMT solution based on high-level specifications

With high-level specifications, we implement your IoMT solution in iterations offering new and exciting ways to enhance it with every stage of the Agile development cycle. We offer a Time & Material or fixed pricing model to make our cooperation with you flexible and lower your risks – thus you pay only for the actual performed work or on a short-term project basis.

IoMT solution based on detailed requirements

We can complete an IoMT solution based on your software and hardware requirements specification. With the Function Point(FP) model, we set out a project’s scope and complexity before any development starts and provide you with a detailed delivery schedule featuring time frames and cost.

IoMT solution support and upgrades

We fully support to the solutions we deliver. Also, when your healthcare organization is interested in IoT upgrades, we are ready to study your requirements as well as come up with the ideas on how to improve the existing solution(this can include, fixing bugs and add new functionality) and/or deliver brand new medical IoT systems.

Benefits of Care with IoT

  • Greater visibility into asset utilization.
  • For large health systems: greater visibility from the headquarters into remote locations.
  • Perform Asset cost analysis and to optimize the investments into assets using the data collected as to how assets are used in a hospital or clinic.
  • Amazing new opportunities for chronic disease management and better care like never before for outpatients with the help of remote devices.
  • Increased patient safety, satisfaction and communication.

Challenges We Can Help You Solve

Cloud Based Applications

As cloud basis is an integral part of any IoT solution, we offer solution integration and maintenance on various commerical cloud platforms namely: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our software specialists provide:

IOT security concerns

The connected nature of IoT brings in new information security implications for healthcare providers and their patients. To protect very sensitive information, for example medical facilities banking accounts or patients’ health records from unauthorised access, we deliver compliant IoMT solutions. We are also able to carry out vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of your IoMT solution to ensure that it meets the up most level of protection from cybercriminals who may be waiting to exploit a vulnerability and steal sensitive data.

Risks when huge investments won’t pay off

With the benefits the Medical Internet of Things opens up for the healthcare industry, there is still the present risk that substantial investments in this new innovation may not pay off as you might have expected. To mitigate this risk – we can cooperate in small steps using iterative development, and you can pay only for the work that has been already performed, instead of spending a huge amounts at the very beginning. We can begin with an MIoT solution featuring basic functionality or MVP(Minimal Viable Product), which you can test and see its benefits. With every new iteration, we then discuss and gradually implement the ideas to help you expand your solution’s functionality.

What Technologies We Use:

Perform Complex integration with core healthcare systems

Finally address the challenge of integrating healthcare systems you currently use (EHR, EMR, and so on) with a exciting new IoMT solution. We will help you facilitate the IoMT solution as an effective companion of your core healthcare systems ready to improve the services you currently provide.

  • Design and development of cloud software applications.
  • Timely Administration and maintenance of cloud infrastructure.
  • Microservices-based architecture methodology: your MIoT solution gets divided into smaller components, each with its own server part. It enables faster resolution of problems with less downtime as there is no need to stop the whole platform and drastically simplifies scaling it up and down when necessary.
  • Reactive architectural methodology: higher responsiveness of your MIoT solution, much better failure resistance (if one service stops, there is another responsible component to partially or completely repair the issue or generate the error message about the damage), this enabled faster processing of huge health data flows that is key to your organisation’s efficiency gains.
MIOT Monitoring: sensors, RFID Tags

Sensors and RFID hardware are already abundant in the market, we can help you find the the most suitable sensors, RFID tags and readers for your MIoT projects. We can also help to define the needed number of hardware components that will work seamlessly together with your software and the best way to source them through various vendor relationships we have.

Data analytics

Medical IoT data can provide your organisation with priceless recourse of meaningful insights to help a healthcare organization assess and enhance the services it provides. Our team can help you implement data analytics and manage your big data, Corptek can help you implement technologies, including Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, AWS DynamoDB, MLib, and more to help you get the very best value from real-time and historical IoT healthcare data you are collecting.

Mobile user apps

We are experts in delivering specialized applications for doctors, nurses, patients and staff to improve their communication and provide timely access to necessary information (such as asset availability and current location for doctors, nurses and staff and appointment schedules for patients). With many years in mobile design and development, we deliver native (Android and iOS) and cross-platform (React Native, Cordova/PhoneGap) mobile applications to suit your budget and requirement.

Ready To Get Started

We are ready and waiting to help you establish exciting, cost-effective technology-enabled care and integrate IoMT innovations that can be added to your overall technology offering. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we welcome you to join us for a free consultation with one of our specialists.

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