Your business is unique.

We tailor our services to treat it that way.

Digital technology means something different to each business (and often every person in each business). The scope of what constitutes digital services and solutions is wide and ever-changing.

Custom Software

Our custom software development solutions allow companies to bring their ideas to life as fast and efficiently as possible. We are committed to assisting organizations grow through the creation of unique software that can be used to assist individuals, families, industries or the entire business landscape.

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Advanced Web Applications
API Development
Application Modernization
Application Re-Engineering
Audit Software
Case Management Software
Cloud Applications
CRM Software
E-Commerce Applications
Enterprise Applications
ERP Software
Grant Management Software
Medical  Compliant
Legacy Systems
SaaS Applications
System Integration
Web Portal Development

Mobile App Development

We know what it takes to build an awesome mobile app. With many successful  projects in our portfolio, Corptek is a
mobile app development agency that offers full-cycle development services perfect for your business needs.
From ideation to publishing on the apps stores — we
have you covered from start to finish.

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Android Applications
Cross-Platform Applications
Hybrid Applications
iOS Applications
Native Applications
Social Media Applications

UI/UX Development & Design

Our UX/UI Development and Design team at Corptek has more than ten years of experience in web application development. Corptek strives to provide the optimal experience for your target users. Based on proven market knowledge of users interacting with apps, our team uses tested and efficient methods to provide end-users an seemless and totally enjoyable experience.

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Information Architecture
Software Design
Software Prototyping
Usability Testing & Research
User Experience / UX Design
User Interface / UI Design
Web Design


Through the years we have developed best practice professional advisory services. Businesses, who work with us are provided with the benefit of receiving expert consulting from experienced IT specialists on how to utilize new technologies, improve current business processes with custom software, set up or migrate to new IT infrastructures and many more services to take you forward.

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IT Staff Augmentation
Business Technology Consulting
Cloud Strategy Consulting
Cybersecurity Consulting
Database Consulting
Integration Consulting
Product Design & Development
Product Strategy
Software Expert Witness

Advanced Technology

We develop advanced technologies here at Corptek to give businesses, like yours, the  ability to totally disrupt their markets via task and process automations,  as well as advanced IOT technologies.

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Blockchain Development
Business Intelligence
Business Process Automation
Data Analytics & Visualization
Internet of Things(IOT)

Project Management

Ideas are great but they need to be managed & supervised. When you approach Corptek with an idea, we not only make it our job to create a profitable product
from your awesome idea, we also keep a tight focus on your time, budget, and resourcing requirements. Using industry standard tools as our guiding light, we constantly adapt our processes and strategies to meet & exceed client requirements. Transparency, flexibility, and reporting all help form the backbone of our project management team.

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Minimum Viable Product
Rapid Application Development (RAD)
Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)


Our infrastructure management services facilitate businesses to effectively manage their IT infrastructures and IT-related processes, by providing direction and assistance when planning, managing or changing their IT infrastructure.

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Cloud Infrastructure
Hybrid Infrastructure
On-Premises Infrastructure

Maintenance & Support

Clients look to our support services for on-going maintenance and tech support for their software application and/or mobile app platform. Whether you are launching an application, upgrading, or hosting a high-traffic server, our team stands by 24/7/365.

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Application Support
Infrastructure Support
Software Testing & QA
Third-Party Applications

Security & Compliance

Here at Corptek, our security & compliance services help keep businesses networks and IT infrastructures safe from costly data breaches and cyberattacks. Our in house security specialists continuously monitor security risks and can also perform security audits for websites and applications to ensure our clients businesses are adhering to industry-specific compliance regulations and standards.

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Application Security
DevOps & DevSecOps
Network Security
Risks & Compliance

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