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Medical Web Design & Web App Development

With over 10 years of experience in website and mobile development, Corptek helps hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and other health organizations create websites with some of following benefits:

Responsive design. Your patients are increasingly mobile, so should your website be too. Escape the desktop-only realm and make your resource a number one go-to companion regardless of device, browser or platform.

Integration with internal systems. We can help you integrate your website with your EHR/EMR, practice management, scheduling, billing and other systems.

Content management system – your business content is king. We can help you optimize your website with the latest user-friendly content management system so that your non-tech employees won’t need to call a technical specialist every time they need to post a new article or add a document.

Backend for a mobile app. Your website may also provide the backend for a mobile app to help patients access their health data from mobile devices and utilise social media integration and push notifications.

High performance. Speed up your website, we ensure a seamless connection between the backend and frontend. If you are experiencing heavy data loads, your website will need to handle the loads to display content quickly and accurately.

Medical Web Development Technologies

We cover the full cycle of medical website development, including:

  • Business analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • HL7 integration with EHR/EMR, Hospital PMS and other systems
  • Telstra Argus & Healthlink Integration
  • Medicare Integration
  • Content migration
  • Training for content contributors
  • Workflow Automation
  • Maintenance & Bug Fixes

From Standard to Personalized Functionality

Why put up with software that is not customized to your needs, at Corptek we provide a personalized and intuitive user experience, we improve our customers’ medical websites with four key features:
content personalization, patient engagement tools, patient portal and web analytics.

Content personalization

Let your content speak out to the people who matter thus making it a powerful engagement tool. With so many competitors in your market, patient retention is key, so you can reengage the patients who visited the facility some time ago. Attract new patients and accelerate revenue growth, we integrate the following techniques:

  • Allow patients to continue where they left off via the recently visited section using cookies
  • With Geo-location techniques Clinic location searches can offer the closest facilities first
  • Personalized promotions on Web pages
  • Loyalty systems with bonus points, cumulative discounts and other incentives
  • Interactive features on your webpages, such as health calculators, ‘slide-to-see’ before and after photos, videos, graphs and more.

To personalize content correctly, the website will use patients’ personal information such as:

  • EHR/EMR health data (handling is compliant with Australian rules)
  • Browsing history from previous entries
  • Current browsing behavior
  • Information about relatives and next of kin
Patient engagement tools

Patients like other viewers on the internet are swamped with choices, so it takes a lot of effort and persistence to help them get fully involved in their well-being activities online. The key these days is to make an engaging website, you can offer accurate medical information in a user-friendly and caring form thanks to:

  • Information about staff members. Give that human touch with personalised information about your physicians, nurses and other employees and attach photos.
  • Online self-registration options. Save your time and money by offering your patients, a way to easily check in for an appointment or schedule a walk-in visit.
  • Health plans guide. Have key information about what your offer to help Inform patients about their treatment options, in a transparent and comprehensive way and lessen the workload on administrative staff.
  • Health education. Be the go to source for your patients so they do not need to search through dubious resources to get valuable answers. Provide extensive health knowledge to show your organisations competence. We can also help you, track and understand patients’ points of interest better and then tune your website for more relevant content personalization.
  • Instant chat. Should your website visitors have questions, you are always there to respond through an instant chat. Web visitors generally have short attention spans so use your chance to convert visitors into patients as well as strengthen the bonds with the existing clients.
  • Social media integration. Social media sharing gets your brand and name our there and also helps your patients share their aspirations and wins with friends and family across multiple social media.
  • Quizzes & Surveys. Create health tests in an interesting, visualized way by including gamification in the learning process. Also use surveys to see how your staff and organisation are doing, this critical data can help you improve areas of your business.
Embedded patient portal

Reduce administration time and offer a 24×7 service where patients can track their health data, treatment progress and billing information. So we develop these key features and make sure they are fully compliant with all Australian privacy regulations. Our portals provide secure access to:

  • Appointment creating & scheduling
  • Examination results
  • Diagnosis data
  • E-billing
  • Other custom features.
Web analytics

Your website is generally, filled with interactive and SEO content, to get an edge over your competition we suggest going beyond the general analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, and gather some of the following metrics:

  • Patient Interest in particular services
  • Patient engagement level
  • How effective is Personalized content on your site

What Technologies We Use:

Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React & Angular
Back-end: Python, PHP, Java, JavaScipt, Node.js & .NET
CMS: WordPress, Liferay, Joomla
We can also get resources for many other platforms, please ask.

Ready to build your New Medical Website

To start off, we will deliver a prototype of your new software within weeks not months. So, just click GET STARTED below and let us know about your needs, and Corptek medical software specialists will get in touch with you.

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