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Internet of Things (IoT) Services

With Billions of connected devices and trillions in revenue expected in the next few years, IOT is an area your business cannot refuse to ignore.

If you would like to turn your idea into reality Corptek can do it faster and more cost effective then most providers in Australia. The way we do this is using our proven technology stack of IOT devices and backend technologies.

Whether you plan to launch an IoT initiative, upscale an existing IoT application or integrate your IoT solution with a legacy system – with years of experience in the industry Corptek is ready to serve you.

Cooperation Models

Our IoT team caters for any businesses who might be at different IoT adoption stages and provides:

IOT Consulting

Regardless of which stage of IoT you are at, our team is ready to help you uncover IoT potential and tailor an IoT solution that addresses your business and cost objectives in the most efficient way.
Our IoT consultants will assist you in:

  • Quantifying your business objectives to an IoT solution
  • Develop an IoT project roadmap
  • Choose an appropriate technology stack.
  • Design the right IoT solution architecture.
  • Facilitate an IoT security strategy.

Corptek are ready to back you up at any stage of an IoT solution implementation by:

  • Setting up IoT project management.
  • Facilitate collaboration between the project stakeholders and other important team members in your business.
  • Help implement the solution with any missing knowledge and skills.
Full-cycle development services

With Corptek get ready to go from from ‘How?” to “Wow!”. We take your vision, add our domain knowledge and couple it with key concepts for attaining your digital transformation objectives. Whether you implement an IoT solution from the start or reengineer the existing solution to adapt it to your key business objectives – Corptek will make sure to deliver an IoT solution that optomises operational efficiency, accelerates intelligent on time decision-making and drives your business to overall success.

IoT solution based on high-level requirements

Most times clients don’t have a well planned IOT strategy, they know they need to optomise resources but don’t know how to do it. We collaborate with multiple project stakeholders to understand the specific business objectives you intend to achieve and deliver a timely IoT solution, to meet these objectives. We are client centric, so our customers get faster ROI on large-scale implementation.

IoT solution based on detailed requirements

If you are a savvy client and you have detailed requirements to an IoT solution, Corptek’s engineering team is ready to make it real. We start off by analysing your specification to define project scope and complexity, provide accurate project delivery schedule and budget. We design and develop the software and hardware, tailored to your business purposes.

Seamless integration of an IoT solution with legacy applications and systems

If you have already spent great deal of capital spent on already existing infrastructure an IoT solution that is not integrated into the existing infrastructure means additional expense if it needs to be replaced. Corptek aims to always attempt to integrate an IoT solution with the legacy systems (MES, ERP, CRM, WMS, SCADA, etc.) where ever possible.

Support and evolution

Our team of IoT consultants and developers will make sure your IoT solution keeps running seamlessly by providing:

  • On-demand support: We uncover any functional issues, dig for their root causes and solve them in a timely manner. Our experienced quality assurance engineers work hard to identify potential functional disruptions and security holes before they happen, to make sure your IoT system is fast, reliable and secure.
  • Continuous evolution: with increasing technical advances there is a need for timely upscaling of your IoT solution, carrying out continuous performance and security audits. We also focus on continuously integrating IoT solutions with 3rd-party systems and applications, introducing new IoT solution architecture and adding new custom features.

Challenges We Assist With

IoT-driven digital transformation can be a challenging initiative, but we know how to approach it. Corptek leverage our extensive experience in cloud application design and development, cloud based infrastructure administration and maintenance, remote asset monitoring and control, data analytics and information security, etc., to help you address the most challeneging IoT project challenges, including:

Lack of in-house competences in IoT

One of the major challenges for IoT roll outs and is the lack of standardization, which stems from non-uniform cloud services, communication protocols, authentication standards, and differences in IoT devices’ firmware and compatible operating systems. We are ready to help share our extensive experience to help you mitigate IoT project failures.

The need for constant evolution after deployment

With business strategies always evolving to keep up with market needs, your IoT solution should be able to adapt to the new objectives. In our approach to IoT architecture, we focus flexibility and the ability to scale at a budget you can afford. We make sure that your IoT solution not only meets the requirements of your current use case, but is able to be built upon for the future.

Ready To Get Started

To start off, we will deliver a prototype of your new software and/or hardware within weeks not months. So, just click GET STARTED below and let us know about your needs, and a Corptek medical software specialist will get in touch with you.

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