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Where have you been?
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We are trying to make growing a business a whole lot easier, quicker, less stressful and more fun – for all those budding business people who run them everyday. Your success is our success – Simple!

Hi. I’m Ivan Shaw. I am the founder of Corptek.


This is my tribe. My people, we are like family.

Regardless of how you got here or who told you about us.

They should be given an award.

Or a box of Lindt Chocolates...Yummm.

Or a lifetime of massages.

Your arrival is long overdue.

And now that you are here.

Let’s just not waste time “chewing the fat”, let’s get down to business.

You’re on this website, reading these pretty words because you’re hungry to grow your business.

Not hear about my life story.

But here is the short version…

I started helping clients with their IT & Web technology needs since 1996, back when he was using a $100 second-hand IBM PC working from my parents' garage.


Since my humble beginnings, my business has consulted with and helped hundreds of clients in the areas of online marketing and web technology automation which have generated his clients' tens of millions in profit.

My passion is to help businesses of all sizes EFFECTIVELY BUILD and MARKET their business with technology.

SO SORRY, WE LIED (For your own good)

This isn’t really an about us page.

Because spending our time filling this page up with us bragging about how great we are is really selfish, and I think the only way you can tell how good we really are is to give us a call and see for yourself.

We know growing a business is super hard.

I would liken it to eating a mouthful of wasps… while riding a quadbike while balancing an egg on the top of your head at 100km/hr.

And if you approach this like more entrepreneurs do.

Through trial and error.

By ‘hoping and praying’

Stumbling around, trying to figure it all out yourself – maybe for the very first time.

We call this “guesswork”.

Also know as business hell.

I’d rather rub salt in my eyes than operate my business this way.

Like I said, this seriously isn’t about me.

Which leads me to you…

You are reading this right now because, your business isn’t where you want it to be.

Even though you have put in a huge amount of effort .. and dealt with a boat load of stress.

Pushing, hustling your butt off to get ahead.

Or maybe your “crushing it” …and simply want more.

More money

More security.

More freedom.

More time with your loved ones.

More awesome holidays with your family that results with more sunshine and sand between your toes (if you are into that).

Whatever revs your engine…

Think about this for minute…

What if I could have it all? Hit the button
What if there is a better way…

What I you could remove all the guesswork…

And end this nightmare.

What is you had a proven roadmap go get to exactly where you want to go?

Well, that’s the precise reason I created Corptek.

To solve this exact problem.

Help you “crush it” even harder.

You see, everything we do at Corptek is designed with a maximum focus on results.

We are not interested in “deep geekiness” where we talk to you as if we expect you to have a PhD

We are not interested in confusing you, making ourselves seem smart.

We want you to succeed.

So, you can look after your family and loved ones.

That means that every single strategy and tactic we use works.

Because we have tested it (again and again and again) in our own business.

And many, many of our clients’ businesses, as well.

If this isn’t enough to “move” you, nothing will…

So, that brings me to the famous saying…What’s the meaning of insanity…Doing the same thing and expecting a new result?

Trust me doing something that doesn’t workover and over, will NOT get you results.

Do something different today…

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Meet the Corptek Crew
Victoria Tran
Ivan Shaw
Senior Developer
Do The Huy
Senior Developer

The Corptek team are very professional and experienced. Their skills are very advanced which helped complete the project super fast. I will definitely be using them again for all my app, website and database needs.

Daniel N. - Director, CardioScope

“Corptek produced a simple solution that automated a time consuming task for us in just a few days. I would highly recommend their services as they provide great communication and understand the technical and business needs of their clients”

Duncan - Director, Energy ROI.

Corptek are highly recommeded. Will be our go-to people for apps from now on. We were pressed for time on one of our projects and Corptek had exactly the right technology stack to deliver our app in record time.

Dana M - Founder, Highway 101.

You can’t go wrong with Corptek
“Corptek have the technical and business expertise that took our concept and converted it to a crucial product for use throughout our organisation. They always make an extra effort to ensure our requirements are met to the highest standards. They also suggest improvements beyond the scope of the task and provide us with ongoing support even after the development process”.

Nick F.- Director, NJF

“Corptek did a great job with my software/hardware integration requirement and went above and beyond to make sure that everything was working and tested. I look forward to working with them again.”

Daniel Y. - Director, Patient Support Systems

“Corptek was chosen to complete a complex task where outside the box thinking was required, we are glad we selected to partner with Corptek and they have gone above and beyond. Very happy to recommend them for your projects.”

Tom - Director, Visual 1.

City Circle has built its reputation as a leader in Australia in the demolition, remediation, excavation and recycling fields over the past three decades. Since 1981, City Circle has established itself as a leading provider in its principal business activities.

Vendetta Wheels is an Australian company with more than 50 years of experience in the automotive tyre and wheel industry. They manufacture tyres based on exacting and demanding standards to make sure that they provide the best tyres for their clients.

Vantrans Container Transport provides transporter services, logistics for transporters, utility, plus other transporting products and services located in Footscray, Victoria.

Energy ROI
Patient Suport
City Circle
What we’re saying is…there’s only one way to find out what REAL business growth feels like for you
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