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Dear Business Builder,

If you would like to know a FAST, simple and guaranteed way to truly explode your sales with a brand spanking new Digital Product like an app or a IOT device, then this is the most exciting message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

Over the last 24 months, our team have worked on digital products that have generated millions of dollars for our clients...

They made all this money with digital products like apps and IOT devices (very good ones).

Because look, when you spend that kind of time and money across so many different niches and industries you learn a lot.

About exactly what works and what doesn’t.

No theory here, like YouTube or courses, but real life.

I’m talking about NO-BS, battle-tested strategies from frontline development that turns amazing ideas into reality!

From a team who knows what it means to make development profitable – because we got payroll to meet.

If you have been through any product development in the past, this probably sounds familiar …

Every time you want to think about creating your dream digital product, the more features you need the more the costs skyrocket

Unlike other agencies, we wont leave your bank account screaming for mercy. While you are left yelling at the sky…

“How is this possible?!”

Because your agency forgot to tell you about the feature tax, so every time you think of a new feature you need to sell a kidney, So now you are second guessing them..

So you go out and try to find a new agency

You found them on gumtree or some other budget site, from an ad right next to Joe selling his couch.

They’re totally legit.

And even they cant seem to make sense of all this.

So they tell you to choose the most expensive, complex solution they promise will take a few months.

All this makes you wanna tear your hair out and through your computers out the window

So, you pull back on any serious digital product spend because your ROI is non-existent and your credit card is having a major heart attack.

This all means that …


What’s the difference between a Minimum Viable Product and the Product Development?

Good question, I am glad you are awake! This is essentially a full blown commercial product that is ready to be shipped for commerce. It has all the bells and whistles, automations and everything a real life end customer would expect.

Is it better to try to attempt Product Development in house or hire an agency?

This is how we see it:

When you hire in house, you’re hiring one person, with one set of skills, to perform one of the most complex tasks: Product Development. Sure, you can micro-manage them all you want, but when that person leaves your company, you have to start all over again!

When you hire a Digital Product Agency, you are hiring an entire team of experts with a multitude of skills across many niches and technologies, with combined years of experience doing Product Development.  

Are there any examples of what digital products you can build?

Digital products are split into 2 categories: Software and/or Hardware.

Some of the examples of what we can build for you is a custom hardware sensor device. For example: measuring temperature and humidity and then reporting this data back to an application back-end. There are many choices of what types of applications we use either we can build a custom application or we can use a hosted solution. Again it depends on the use case. Get in contact with us here to find out what we can do for you.

If you are looking to resell your application, we can also help you with building a Software-as-a-service(SAAS) application which will give users access to your application on a one off or reoccuring basis. Payment can be made automatically via a number of payment gateways with the most popular being Paypal and Stripe.

How much does a Digital Product Cost?

To help break this down, I would recommend that if your business is starting from zero, take the Proof of Concept then Minimum Viable Product path. That way you will be ready to build a scalable Digital Product. If you have an established business, we take the time to check what you have in place already and then give you advice, on how to effectively build a solution that will help you grow.

Digital Product will cost anywhere from $5000 to $250,000. Remember, this is a pretty massive product with all the bells and whistles. Whooa you might say, but think of it this way, if you can completely automate you business and get massive ROI, isn’t it worth it? Or on the flip side if you can do nothing keep doing things the way you have done them before, never getting to where you want to go. We tend to do projects in iterations, so we can match your buget and time expectation.

Do I really need to build my own Custom Digital Product?

It really depends on your use case, if there is nothing available commercially for resale. If there is a package that will do most of what you need or you are using 2 or more commercial software packages together already, we recommend to use our integration service to connect these commercial apps together. In saying that, if your app or device is unique we can always connect it to another commercial product as well. For example, Xero offers an excellent accounting package and they have literally spent millions and millions of dollars on development and we would always recommend syncing your accounting data, even from a custom digital product to Xero via API.

Again, if you are unsure, why not chat to us here.

The Corptek team are very professional and experienced. Their skills are very advanced which helped complete the project super fast. I will definitely be using them again for all my app, website and database needs.

Daniel N. - Director, CardioScope

“Corptek produced a simple solution that automated a time consuming task for us in just a few days. I would highly recommend their services as they provide great communication and understand the technical and business needs of their clients”

Duncan - Director, Energy ROI.

Corptek are highly recommeded. Will be our go-to people for apps from now on. We were pressed for time on one of our projects and Corptek had exactly the right technology stack to deliver our app in record time.

Dana M - Founder, Highway 101.

You can’t go wrong with Corptek
“Corptek have the technical and business expertise that took our concept and converted it to a crucial product for use throughout our organisation. They always make an extra effort to ensure our requirements are met to the highest standards. They also suggest improvements beyond the scope of the task and provide us with ongoing support even after the development process”.

Nick F.- Director, NJF

“Corptek did a great job with my software/hardware integration requirement and went above and beyond to make sure that everything was working and tested. I look forward to working with them again.”

Daniel Y. - Director, Patient Support Systems

“Corptek was chosen to complete a complex task where outside the box thinking was required, we are glad we selected to partner with Corptek and they have gone above and beyond. Very happy to recommend them for your projects.”

Tom - Director, Visual 1.

City Circle has built its reputation as a leader in Australia in the demolition, remediation, excavation and recycling fields over the past three decades. Since 1981, City Circle has established itself as a leading provider in its principal business activities.

Vendetta Wheels is an Australian company with more than 50 years of experience in the automotive tyre and wheel industry. They manufacture tyres based on exacting and demanding standards to make sure that they provide the best tyres for their clients.

Vantrans Container Transport provides transporter services, logistics for transporters, utility, plus other transporting products and services located in Footscray, Victoria.

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Patient Suport
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