Why Switch To Cloud?

Why Switch To Cloud?

Everyone knows what the cloud is, right? It’s something out there somewhere and it resembles a cloud? On the other hand, if your head is in the clouds and you are not seeing things clearly this is how we see it.

Put simply the cloud is somewhere out on the internet you store and access your data from. The known cloud, which is the business Rockford is in, is when you know exactly where your data is held.

Virtualisation is a key element within the known cloud service we provide.

Virtualisation combines software and hardware engineering to create virtual machines and by doings it enables a single machine to perform as if it were many machines.

It is increasingly the most important issue in IT. Today, every penny counts and the business landscape is fiercely competitive. It’s not just survival of the fittest; but survival of the smartest, the leanest, most efficient and productive organisations.

As organisations seek to reduce operating expenditures and overheads, virtualisation is being adopted by those looking to consolidate their economic footprint; reduce electricity bills, office space and other storage needs associated with housing physical servers.

Virtualisation also provides availability for critical applications, whilst streamlining application deployment and migrations. It can simplify IT operations for any organisation and enable IT teams to respond quickly to rapidly changing business demands. It is energy efficient, so as corporate social responsibility escalates up the business agenda, and factoring in the socio-political ramifications of global warming, it becomes strategically and economically appealing.

Virtualisation is extremely cost effective for customers, because of the savings on equipment costs and hardware updates. This option also protects clients from hardware failure and provides a more robust and flexible option for backup and disaster recovery.