5 Dangers of DIY IT Management

Managing your IT infrastructure is a very complicated and technical process. With the rapid development of computers, internet, networking and software, it has become easier to deal with complex business processes, to handle employees or complete transactions.

The way your IT system is managed can either boost or hinder your business operations, that’s why it is necessary to have professional and skilled IT personnel manage your IT operations. Even if you have the most updated software or computer system, you still need reliable IT experts because these systems won’t run and think for themselves.

However, some businesses want to cut down their expenses so they try to manage their own IT system. What’s the dangers of DIY IT management?

  1. Lack of expertise. Yes, you might have hired an IT graduate to handle your network system and set up your IT for your business. But does he have the skills to make sure that everything’s working and that there’s no loophole in your system? Remember that it is your business that’s at stake here.
  2. Unstable systems. Without professional guidance, your IT system is susceptible to break downs. If this happens, it will have a huge impact on your business. Your business might even collapse if you continue to rely on your unstable IT system.
  3. Information vulnerability. Every information or data about your business goes through or is stored in your system. What happens if someone gets accessed to it? This is the scariest scenario when you manage your IT yourselves. You think you’re protecting your data from outside access, but no. You’re making your business vulnerable because you don’t have the expertise and skills to keep your system protected.
  4. Time consuming. Think about it. You’re running a business, dealing with the administrative and back office tasks, and managing your IT at the same time. Juggling different tasks will take its toll on your business. Instead of dealing with everything, you should hire experts to take care of these time consuming tasks so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.
  5. No back up. One of the advantages of having a reliable IT manager is that you have a disaster and recovery plan in case outages, accidents or virus attacks happen. During these times, you won’t have to worry because your IT team has a recovery strategy and they have enough preparations so your business won’t be affected.

Though it’s true that the evolution of the digital industry has given us better IT/network system, software, programs, hardware and digital tools, businesses still need an IT expert who can analyse and think of the best solution for your everyday IT challenges.

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