Our Advantage


For many years, Corptek has been delivering superior but tailor-made IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses in Australia. Our top tier services have made us the market leader in Melbourne’s IT industry and we are continually growing and improving to better serve our clients. What made us the number 1 choice by Australian businesses?

Why Corptek?

  • Tailored IT solutions
  • Certified IT Experts


IT Sytems Consulting
Boost your business’ IT Security and performance with our tailored IT Solutions.

Cloud Based Technologies
Maximise efficiency and contingency through our Cloud-based technologies.
Web Design and Development
Web design and development stunning websites that convert.The goal of any website is to create a digital presence on the Internet.


  • Tailored Services –Before we formulate IT solutions, we make it a point to know the root of the issue. Our experts analyse your business processes and enterprise encironment before creating a custom solution to address your business needs.
  • Expert staff –We only work with the best. Our staff have several years of experience and expertise so whatever you need, we can provide it for you. Our list of completed projects also attest to the quality of work that we do.
  • Customer-focused –We understand that as a client, you want to know the development of your project that’s why we maintain constant communication to show transparency and honesty. We are always available to answer all of your questions and to address your needs.
  • Effective Solutions – A solution, no matter how advanced or complicated it is, won’t be of any use if it is not effective. Corptek provides IT solutions that are top of the line, updated and effective.
  • Strong Partnerships –We value our clients’ like we value our own. We believe that Corptek’s growth is dependent on the growth of our clients that is why we consider our clients as partners.
  • Evolving Process –With every project we complete, every solution we come up with, and with every client we serve, Corptek’s processes improve and evolve. The IT business is a very dynamic industry, and in order to remain on top, we need to adapt to new processes and developments.
  • Advanced Tools –To provide the best service, Corptek has invested in advanced tools and resources.
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